Nos chercheurs

BENSAAD Ali University professor, specialties: Arab world, Africa, Middle East
CASSOU-NOGUÈS Pierre University Professor of Philosophy
CATTARUZZA Amaël University professor in geography, specialist in digital technology and the Balkans
COLIN Sébastien Lecturer in Geography
DANET Dider Lecturer and Director of the Specialized Master in Cyber ​​Defense Operations and Crisis Management
GÉRAUD Rémi Cryptologist and security researcher, affiliated to the Ecole normale supérieure
GÉRY Aude PostDoc in public international law, specialist in international legal issues of cybersecurity
GRUMBACH Stéphane Research Director at Inria, specialist in databases and geopolitical digital issues
HADDAD Saïd Lecturer in sociology, specialist in military sociology applied to cyber-combatants
MAROTTE Guilhem PhD in Geography, specializing in geopolitics and cartography at the French Institute of Geopolitics. Northern Ireland specialist
NOCETTI Julien Teacher and researcher at the Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan schools
NORODOM Anne-Thida Professor of public law at Paris Descartes University, secretary general of the French Society for International Law
RAUZY Pablo Lecturer in computer science, specialist in emancipatory computer security
ROBINE Jeremy Lecturer and specialist in geopolitical conflicts linked to “racialized” minorities
SAINT-MEZARD Isabelle Professor at the French Institute of Geopolitics and Deputy Director of IFG Lab
SALAMATIAN Kavé Professor at the University of Savoie. Specialist in Internet measurement and information theory in networks
TAILLAT Stéphane Lecturer, Cyber ​​Warfare specialist


BECHROURI Ibrahim PhD student, expert on anti-terrorism issues
BERTRAN Marie Gabrielle PhD student, software development specialist in Russia
BOMOND Clotilde PhD student in geography, Cloud specialist
ESCORNE Charlotte PhD student, specialized in the deployment of 5G in Africa
ESTECAHANDY Hugo PhD student, specialist in geopolitical issues of crypto-currencies and the development of their industries in Russia
FRANÇOIS Camille PhD student, specialist in informational operations on social networks
FRANÇOIS Margot PhD student, specialist in Cuban digital space
PETINIAUD Louis PhD student, specialist in the lower and middle layers of cyberspace in territorial conflicts in Ukraine and Georgia
SALAMATIAN Loqman PhD student in mathematics. Internet transmission protocol specialist