Saïd Haddad

Lecturer in sociology, specialist in military sociology applied to cyber-combatants

Saïd Haddad holds a doctorate in Political Science from René Descartes University. On secondment from Rennes 2 University, he is a lecturer in sociology at the Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan Schools where he is also responsible for the Information-Communication Department and member of the Conflict Mutation pole of the Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan Schools Research Center ( CREC Saint-Cyr).

Researcher at the Societal Innovations Research Laboratory (LiRIS, EA 7481, Université Rennes 2), he is also associated with the Institute for Research and Studies on the Arab and Muslim World (IREMAM / CNRS, UMR 7310 Aix-en- Provence). Member of the editorial board of the journal L’Année du Maghreb (IREMAM), he is responsible for the Libya section. He is also part of the French Association of Sociology (AFS), Member of the Board of Thematic Network 8 “Military sociology: security, army and society”, of the International Association of French-speaking sociologists (AISLF) and of the Group of Work 5 “Armed Forces and Society”, of the European Research Group on Military and Society (ERGOMAS) as well as of the Association for Studies on War and Strategy (AEGES), member of the section “Military Institution: action, cultures, society ”.

His main current research axes in the sociology of the military focus on the emergence and construction of cyber defense as a national priority and on those of a cyber-combat military identity. His other research themes focus on cultural change within the armies, culture as an operational issue, the communication policy of the armies in France and the role of armies in the Maghreb political systems, as well as on the evolution of the Libyan political system. .

He has published numerous articles in African Policy, Contemporary Africa, Migrations Society, The North Africa Directory, The Maghreb Year, The Revue des mondes Muslims et de la Méditerranée, International Peacekeping, NDC Occasional Papers, Dynamiques international, Strategic etc. and book chapters (in French and English) in the areas mentioned above. He edited the book Armies in Arab Revolutions. Positions and roles. Presses Universitaires de Rennes, published in 2016.


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