Cyber Warfare and Digital Operations

Actions, Operations and Confrontations in Digital Space


The datasphere is an object, a theater and a vector of attack in geopolitical conflicts, as evidenced by the proliferation of terms to designate the logics of confrontation: cyberwarfare, cyberconflicts, informational maneuvers, cyberattacks, cybersecurity. Geopolitical analysis takes into account the representations and games of the actors; power rivalries and conflicts of interest; strategies and operating modes; power relations and strategic stakes at different levels of analysis.

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Researchers of the theme

ABDOU HASSAN Adam Teacher and researcher in public law, specialist in cybercrime and cyberdefense
BECHROURI Ibrahim PhD in Geopolitics, expert on anti-terrorism issues
BERTRAN Marie Gabrielle PhD candidate, software development specialist in Russia
BÔMONT Clotilde PhD geography, Cloud specialist
CATTARUZZA Amaël University professor in geography, specialist in digital technology and the Balkans
DANET Dider Lecturer and Director of the Specialized Master in Cyber ​​Defense Operations and Crisis Management
DESFORGES Alix PostDoct, French cyber defense specialist
DOUZET Frédérick Director of GEODE, University Professor and member of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace
ESCORNE Charlotte PhD candidate, specialized in the deployment of 5G in Africa
ESTECAHANDY Hugo PhD candidate, specialist in the geographies of crypto-currencies and their mining industries