Introducing the Humanitarian Cybersecurity Center!

Introducing the Humanitarian Cybersecurity Center!

CyberPeace Institute, GEODE's partner
27 February 2023


We are proud to be a partner of the CyberPeace Institute in creating the Humanitarian Cybersecurity Center! This center aims to provide cybersecurity services to NGOs, ensuring that their data and systems are secure and protected from cyber threats.

“Humanitarian and development NGOs are targeted by cyberattacks and information operations. They do not have the capacity to both be on the frontline of aid delivery and respond to cyber threats. Cyberattacks imperil lives and erode the trust in organizations that is essential for their work.

(…) The Center provides expert support and practical assistance to NGOs in the humanitarian and development sectors, tailored to their needs, and available anywhere in the world. The Center builds upon the CyberPeace Institutes key capabilities and develops programs of activities and associated projects to support communities vulnerable to threats in cyberspace.”

— Excerpt from the press release


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