ESCORNE Charlotte

Charlotte Escorne

PhD candidate, specialized in the deployment of 5G in Africa

Charlotte Escorne is a PhD student at the IFG Lab and a researcher associated with the GEODE project. She is also a member of the Num-Sud international research group (GDRI NumSUD), supported by the IRD and the PRODIG laboratory of Paris 1.

Her thesis focuses on the challenges of deploying and implementing fifth generation mobile Internet (5G) in West Africa, through a comparative study of infrastructure, activities, and the ecosystem of telecommunications stakeholders between Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire.

The strong demographic growth and the important needs in digital infrastructures to answer local development issues, make the African continent an interesting market, where each player is looking to position itself to expand its economic markets and influence.

Through its strong investment capacity and its equipment manufacturers Huawei and ZTE, China occupies an important place in guaranteeing Internet access on the continent, with the argument that digital technology will enable Africa to catch up and develop its own activities.

The Chinese player is competing with the activities of historical players, including France, in a global context of increasing geopolitical tensions between the United States and China regarding digital issues.

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