Camille François

PhD student, specialist in informational operations on social networks

Camille François works on cyber conflict and online digital rights. She is Director of Innovation at Graphika, where she leads the company’s work to detect and mitigate misinformation, media manipulation and harassment. Previously, Camille was a senior researcher at Jigsaw, a Google innovation unit that develops technologies to address global security challenges and protect vulnerable users. Camille François has advised governments and parliamentary committees on both sides of the Atlantic on policy issues related to cyber security and digital rights. She was a special advisor to the Director General of Technology in the French Prime Minister’s office and worked on France’s first open government roadmap.

Dernières Actualités

Publications Académiques

François, Camille, and Herbert Lin. 2020. “Cartographier un angle mort : la surprise stratégique des opérations informationnelles russes sur les réseaux sociaux en 2016.” Herodote N° 177-178 (2): 33–57.
François, Camille. 2017. “Un droit au logement à géométrie variable.Les ancrages sociospatiaux du Fonds solidarité logement.” Espaces et societes n° 170 (3): 91–106.