Salamatian Kavé

Professor at the University of Savoie. Specialist in Internet measurement and information theory in networks

Kavé Salamatian has been a university professor at the University of Savoy since September 2009. His main areas of expertise are Internet measurement as well as information theory in networks. Prior to this he was a professor at Lancaster University in Great Britain and Senior Lecturer at Pierre and Marie Curie University. He holds a doctorate in Computer Science from Paris Sud University, a DEA in theoretical computer science, a Masters in telecommunications systems, an MBA specializing in business strategy, an engineering degree. electronics engineer, and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. He has carried out active research in the field of computer security, in particular on computer attack detection and application recognition, where his expertise is recognized internationally.

From 2002 to 2005, he was coordinator of the RNRT Métropolis project which was the first research project in France on Internet metrology and which enabled the deployment of the first traffic measurement probes in France. He was then for several years coordinator of the STIC-ASIA program of cooperation between France and Asia on Internet measurements. In this context, he made several long stays in Japan and South Korea and co-supervised several doctoral students.

Since 2011, he has held a visiting professor chair at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In this context, it is developing strong research cooperation with China on the Internet of the Future and has first-hand access to the main players in the Chinese Internet. He has published several articles on Weibo, PPTV and Baidu. He is a member of the Steering Committee of the main conference on communications in India (COMSWARE) and as such is frequently invited to India.
In recent years, Kavé Salamatian has been developing multidisciplinary research on cyberstrategy, and more generally on Internet science. In this capacity he was chairman of the scientific committee of the first conference on “Internet Science” which was organized in April 2013 in Brussels.

Kavé Salamatian is the author of over 90 frequently cited scientific papers. Its H-Index bibliographic index is 22.

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Academic Publications

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