GEODE at the 34th International Geographical Congress

GEODE at the 34th International Geographical Congress

19 August 2021

On Wednesday, August 18, several GEODE researchers presented the results of their research during the 34th edition of the International Geographical Congress.

From 12:30 to 1:30 pm, Amaël Cattaruzza chaired the first part of the panel “Geopolitics of the Datasphere” which focused on the politics of data:

  • Clotilde Bomont and Amael Cattaruzza – “From a technical Component to a geopolitical object : cloud computing, a security issue for France”.
  • Charlotte Escorne – “Strategic issues of 5G deployment in French-speaking Africa”.
  • Ilan Scialom – “Bringing the concept of coopetition into the field of political geography: the example of Israel and Saudi Arabia in digital security”.
  • Margot François – “Analyzing the Cuban connection: several ‘digital spaces’ for a geopolitical approach”.

From 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. (GMT), Alix Desforges chaired the second part of the panel on the theme “Mapping the Routes of the Internet: Data, Topologies, Power” which included the following presentations:

  • Louis Pétiniaud, Loqman Salamatian and Colin Gérard – “On a collaborative effort to map the internet”
  • Loqman Salamatian, Louis Pétiniaud and Kavé Salamatian – “The journey, not the destination matters: Untangling data and sovereignty in the Far West”
  • Hugo Estecahandy – “The geopolitical stakes for cryptocurrencies in Russia through the analysis of their mining industries in Eastern Siberia”
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