Aude Géry « The 5×5—The future of cyber diplomacy »

The 5x5 -Cyber Statecraft Initiative
21 octobre 2021


The 5×5 series brings together the views of 5 researchers and experts on the same topic. Aude Géry, senior researcher, contributed to the series on the subject of cyberdiplomacy.

The publication questions the experts on the particularity of cyberdiplomacy compared to other forms of diplomacy.

It also provides answers to the following questions:

  • « How do agreed upon norms in cyberspace (or lack thereof) impact diplomatic approaches to cyber crises?
  • « How do countries balance freedom of offensive (or defensive) action in cyberspace with norms dictating avoidance of certain targets, tactics, or capabilities? »

Find all answers to these questions on the Atlantic Council website

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