The Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge at the International Cybersecurity Forum 2020

The International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC, Forum International de Cybersécurité) is an initiative that brings together, on 28, 29 and 30 January 2020, the main actors in cybersecurity in Europe and beyond to reflect and exchange ideas. This reference event in Europe brings together all digital security stakeholders at a 3-day trade fair and forum in January and is THE key moment for decision-makers in this field.

Since 2015, the FIC has been addressing technical challenges in digital investigation every year. This year, for the second time, it is organizing a “policy challenge” dedicated to strategic reflection on the theme of collective security in cyberspace. Participants will react to a hypothetical crisis scenario occurring after a catastrophic event: “9/12” refers to the aftermath of September 11, 2001 in the United States.

Organized in partnership with the Atlantic Council, GEODE and PwC, this type of international challenge is unique in France.
During the FIC, the 2-day challenge brings together about 15 teams of 4 students from different international schools and universities. A jury composed of different authorities in the field nominates the winning team, which then presents its solutions in plenary session before receiving a prize.

The Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge is designed to provide students from a variety of academic disciplines with a better understanding of the policy challenges associated with cyber incidents. Both an interactive learning experience and a competitive scenario exercise, the Cyber 9/12 Challenge gives students interested in e-politics the opportunity to interact with expert mentors, judges and professionals. Students will react to an evolving cyber attack scenario and analyze the threat it poses to the interests of the state, the military and the private sector. Teams are judged on the basis of their political responses, decision-making processes and oral presentation.


Day 1 of the FIC: Qualification Round – REPORT
The qualifying round consists of 10-minute oral presentations, followed by a 10-minute question and answer period with the judges and their comments. The teams present the current crisis and propose a first set of answers.

Day 2 of the FIC (morning): Semi-final – ANSWER
The semi-final, which takes place on the morning of the second day, gives advancing teams the opportunity to respond to a new intelligence report amending the original scenario, received at the end of the first day. The briefing format is the same as for the qualifying round, with less time to prepare their answers.

Day 2 (afternoon) FIC Final Round – REACTIONS
The final round, which takes place in the afternoon of the second day, consists of a spontaneous reaction to an intelligence report that further modifies the initial scenario. Teams answer the jury’s questions with very little time to prepare, testing their ability to analyze the information as a team and formulate an on-site response.

Who can compete?
Teams must include 4 students and a coach. Students currently enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, professional or legal program, including students from military academies, on the application deadline date are eligible to apply. Teams will be selected through a competitive selection process that includes the submission of an essay (1,000 words) on a general cyber-policy issue. In their essay, teams must demonstrate: their analytical skills, their ability to provide an original perspective on cyber-politics and the diversity of their origins if possible. It is important to note that we do not expect all teams to be experts in e-policy, but rather to be interested in adapting their knowledge to this new and rapidly evolving field.



September 2019 – Call for Applications

November 2019 – Announcement of the first participating teams

The challenge will take place on January 28-29, 2020, at the FIC in Lille


More info :strategy-challenge-fic2020-info-vd2-red1

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