Executive Team

Research Team

  • Abdou Hassan Adam
    Abdou Hassan Adam

    Teaching researcher in public law, specialist in cybercrime and cyberdefence

  • Aude Géry
    Aude Géry

    PhD student in public international law, specialist in international legal issues of cybersecurity

  • Bensaad Ali
    Bensaad Ali

    Professor of Universities, Specialization(s): Arab World, Africa, Middle East

  • Cassou-Noguès Pierre
    Cassou-Noguès Pierre
  • Cattaruzza Amaël
    Cattaruzza Amaël

    Associate professor in geography, specialist in digital technology and the Balkans

  • Clotilde Bômont
    Clotilde Bômont

    PhD student in geography, Cloud specialist

  • Danet Didier
    Danet Didier
  • Grumbach Stéphane
    Grumbach Stéphane

    Research Director at INRIA, specialist in databases and geopolitical issues of digital technology

  • Haddad Saïd
    Haddad Saïd

    Associate Professor in Sociology, specialist in military sociology applied to cybercombatants

  • Loqman Salamatian
    Loqman Salamatian

    Student in mathematics. Specialist in Internet transmission protocols

  • Marie Gabrielle Bertran
    Marie Gabrielle Bertran

    Doctoral student, specialist of the software development in Russia

  • Marotte Guilhem
    Marotte Guilhem

    PhD in Geography with a specialization in geopolitics, cartographer at the French Institute of Geopolitics. Specialist of Northern Ireland.

  • Norodom Anne-Thida
    Norodom Anne-Thida

    Professor of Public international law at Paris Descartes University and Secretary-General of the French Society for International Law.

  • Rauzy Pablo
    Rauzy Pablo

    Associate Professor in IT, specialist in emancipating IT security

  • Rémi Géraud
    Rémi Géraud

    Cryptologist and security researcher, working with Ecole normale supérieure

  • Robine Jérémy
    Robine Jérémy

    Associate Professor specializing in geopolitical conflicts related to “racialized” minorities.

  • Salamatian Kave
    Salamatian Kave

    Professor at the University of Savoy. Specialist in Internet measurement and information theory in networks.

  • Taillat Stéphane
    Taillat Stéphane

    Associate professor at the University of Paris 8 and seconded to the Schools of St Cyr Coëtquidan. Cyber Warfare expert.

  • Truck Isis
    Truck Isis

    Professor of computer science at the University of Paris 8, specialist in imprecise data and decision-making under uncertainty.

  • Warusfel Bertrand
    Warusfel Bertrand

    Professor of law, Vice-President of the French Association of Security and Defence Law (AFDSD)

  • Weber Claude
    Weber Claude
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