Press Release – Award of the “Centers of Excellence” label to the GEODE project by the Ministry of the Armed Forces

The research and training lab GEODE (Geopolitics of the datasphere), affiliated to the University Paris 8, has been awarded the label «Centers of Excellence in International Relations and Strategy» by the French Ministry of the Armed Forces.

This label, with an annual funding of €300,000 over five years (for a total amount of €1,500,000), which is renewable, is awarded to leading university-level research projects dedicated to understanding the strategic threats of the 21st century and to anticipating the future of conflicts.

Frédérick Douzet, director of GEODE, expressed her excitement at the announcement of the news: «Obtaining this label rewards more than three and a half years of work by a formidable, multidisciplinary, incredibly dynamic, and motivated team! »

Carried out by the University Paris 8 Vincennes – Saint-Denis, and hosted at the Campus Condorcet, the French international campus for Humanities and Social Sciences, this “project is fully in line with the University’s tradition of innovation in social sciences and its ambitions to develop digital humanities at the Campus Condorcet. The Seine-Saint-Denis is a fertile territory for research and innovation. We hope that our project and its label of excellence will contribute to the collective dynamic of promoting this suburban area and the young researchers who have come to train here,» said Frédérick Douzet.

The GEODE project brings together researchers from the University Paris 8, INRIA, the military school of Saint-Cyr-Coëtquidan, ENS, INALCO, the University of Savoie and the University of Paris around the French Institute of Geopolitics. It is driven by a double scientific ambition: studying the datasphere as a full geopolitical object and using its resources to conduct geopolitical analyses.

The datasphere, which is an emerging concept, allows us to evoke under the same term the strategic issues related to cyberspace and more generally to the digital revolution. Indeed, the datasphere is seen as a social construct reflecting power rivalries and political, social, technical and organizational choices that have strategic implications.

GEODE is thus building, with its partners, a new discipline by combining geopolitics and data science. Among the objectives pursued by GEODE, we will not fail to highlight:

  • Forming a strategic pool of skilled individuals for companies, institutions and ministries. The label awarded to GEODE is part of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces’ Higher Education Pact, and aims to contribute to the regeneration of the pool of university researchers in the fields of defense and security. This is the ambition of the three training programs offered by GEODE (Master, DFSSU, Specialized Master®). Backed by research, they aim to train specialists in the humanities and social science on the strategic challenges of the datasphere and on the tools that enable the exploitation of data available in open source.
  • Contributing to the French strategic thinking. This contribution lays out the necessary foundations for understanding and representing the digital space. In addition, it nourishes a reflection necessary for the development of public policies that promote peace, security and stability in the digital space.
  • Promoting the excellence of French strategic research at the international level.

The award ceremony will take place on Friday, February 12, in a closed room, due to sanitary conditions.


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