The Observatory of the Russian-Speaking cyberspace is a research team related to GEODE and to the French Institute of Geopolitics (Paris 8 University).

The Observatory focuses on the Russian-Speaking segment of the Digital Space as a new geopolitical and technical object of studies. The Observatory also produces new methods of Data collection and Data visualization in the context of the post-soviet space.

Members of the Observatory

  • Marie Gabrielle Bertran
    Marie Gabrielle Bertran

    Doctoral student, specialist of the software development in Russia

  • Gerard Colin
    Gerard Colin

    PhD student, specialist in Russia’s strategies of influence in French-speaking cyberspace.

  • Pétiniaud Louis
    Pétiniaud Louis

    PhD student, specialist in the lower and intermediate layers of cyberspace in the territorial conflicts in Ukraine and Georgia.

  • Kevin Limonier
    Kevin Limonier

    Deputy director of GEODE, associate professor, specialist in Russian-speaking cyberspace

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