Geopolitics of the




Cartography of the Datasphere


Cyber Warfare



Geopolitics of the Datasphere (GEODE) is a multidisciplinary research and education project at the University Paris 8 dedicated to the strategic challenges of the digital revolution. It gathers researchers in geopolitics, geography, law, mathematics, computer science, history, sociology and philosophy from the University Paris 8, INRIA, The Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS), the University of Paris 5, the University of Savoie, the Saint-Cyr French Army Academy. Its goals are to enhance the understanding of the Datasphere as a new strategic environment, build capacity by training the next generation of academics and professionals, conduct critical applied research to inform the strategies and policies elaborated by governments, companies and institutions, and promote the norms building process to reduce conflicts, mitigate risks, and facilitate international cooperation to preserve the security and stability of the digital space.


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