“Cyber Women”: what place for women in cybersecurity?

On October 30 & 31 2019, the two-day “Cyber Women” conference was held. Co-organized by Qatar University and GEODE, with the support of NATO, this event invited women of different nationalities to express themselves on their place and experiences in the fields of cybersecurity or cyberspace-related research.

Several researchers and engineers spoke, recounting their experiences in the professional world or presenting their research, at the Qatar University campus in Doha (Qatar). It was an opportunity for women from different backgrounds and countries to express themselves on their real working and living conditions and to share their views and experiences freely and publicly. Among the participants, some came from Qatar or Kuwait, others from Europe (Estonia, France, Switzerland, Netherlands,…) and the United States and Turkey were also represented.


While many testimonies showed that finding a place in a male environment was not an easy task, either in the West or in the Gulf countries, a positive view of the future was mostly taken. This is a consequence of the increase in the number of women in cybersecurity positions and in dedicated training courses. In Qatar alone, 60% of computer science students are women !

Several panelists were interviewed by RFI, for the program “Orient-Hebdo”, the replay is available here (IN FRENCH): http://www.rfi.fr/emission/20191110-qatar-cybersecurite-femmes-conferences-koweit-turquie-france-estonie-etats-unis

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