Cyber Policies and Digital Affairs: Politics of the Datasphere and the Legal, Ethical, and Democratic Issues.  

Cartographie de la Datasphère

The datasphere introduces new challenges for collective security, economic prosperity, democratic values and the sovereignty of states. The relevant public policy questions include:

–       The international regulations to ensure peace and stability in cyberspace in the face of the proliferation of offensive tools and actions.

–       The jurisdictional conflicts between states, or between states and non-state actors, and the transformation of the use of sovereign functions by states challenged by the power of intermediation platforms.

–       The development of digital technologies (cryptography, AI, 5G, cloud).

–       The strategies of digital sovereignty and their pertaining issues in a context of intense strategic competition.

–       The ethical, legal, and democratic issues at stake in an environment that provides a wide range of actors with an unprecedented access to personal data.

Chercheurs du thème

  • Loqman Salamatian
    Loqman Salamatian

    Student in mathematics. Specialist in Internet transmission protocols

  • Clotilde Bômont
    Clotilde Bômont

    PhD student in geography, Cloud specialist

  • Rémi Géraud
    Rémi Géraud

    Cryptologist and security researcher, working with Ecole normale supérieure

  • Marotte Guilhem
    Marotte Guilhem
  • Robine Jérémy
    Robine Jérémy

    Associate Professor specializing in geopolitical conflicts related to “racialized” minorities.

  • Frederick Douzet
    Frederick Douzet

    Director of GEODE, Professor of Geopolitics, Member of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace

  • Kevin Limonier
    Kevin Limonier

    Deputy director of GEODE, associate professor, specialist in Russian-speaking cyberspace

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