Amaël Cattaruzza’s book, Geopolitics of Digital Data, was awarded the Empress Eugénie 2019 prize.

This prize, awarded by the Geographical Society, was founded in 1869 as a prize for auxiliary sciences and services rendered to the Geographical Society.

Over the past two decades, the production of digital data has experienced unprecedented growth, transforming relationships between states, but also private companies (GAFAM) and other actors (hackers, cybercriminals, etc.). These dynamics lead to questions about new forms of territorial rivalries in this open and reticular context where the physical location of data may not correspond to their logical or legal location.
However, the processing of these disparate masses of data now requires the use of new tools (Big Data, artificial intelligence) that have become instruments of power on the international scene. And whose use has a more general impact on the modes of political government of our societies.
In this dense and very complete book, Amaël Cattaruzza shows how digital data has changed geopolitics in two ways. On the one hand, by redefining the notions of border and power between states and non-state actors, and on the other hand by reshaping its own field of study.


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